I've been taking photographs of everything I considered worthy of a picture already since I was 15 years old.
I have started using analog film for again and i develop black and white films myself in a lab. Colour negatives (C41) are developed in specialised labs.
As I place a lot of value on originality, where colour scans are involved I try to use digital image processing methods only after a lot of consideration and very sparingly.
My preferred output medium today is still, as before, the photographic print. Black and white prints are enlarged manually.


Sound/music projects, field recording, e-bass and Ableton Live

It’s a simple idea. I take a microphone to record sounds in our environment (e.g. an underground train stopping in a station, a woman strolling through a museum in stiletto heels, twittering birds, street musicians, etc.). After being manipulated - sometimes in quite an extreme way - by looping, inversion and slowing down, these sounds are then mixed with beats and other instruments or sampled on the computer. The result can be used for film productions, audio-visual sound installations or (dance) performances.


Wineglas Mix (MP3)
Improsession I (MP3)
Improsession II (MP3)


As a certified data management and web administrator, I have been working on various projects for the World Wide Web since 1997. I'm open-minded and interested in contributing my experience and ideas to start-ups or existing web projects. As a web administrator, my key skills are in content-management-systeme (Drupal, Mediawiki, Wordpress), Databases and web-controlling.
Whatever project you are starting!
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mobile: +49 (0) 177 621 94 71
mail: info@falkoveit.de